Exploring Your Rising Sign and their Meaning

Okay, do you remember how I discovered my moon sign and talked about it last month? If not, go back and check out this great blog where I go in-depth on moon signs! Don’t have time for that? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We also created a video for you busy bees out there who don’t have the time or the patience to read it. Watch it now! 

There is a whole world of astrology that most of us have no idea about. When I first started discovering what all of these different signs meant, I will honestly admit that I was lost. I was in a daze and basically spiraled into all of the distinct topics. So today, I will try my best to simplify it for you all about what it means to discover your rising sign and what they mean. 

So what is an ascendant-rising sign? The Ascendant is the astrological sign on the eastern horizon of the sun sign, the moment the person was born. According to astrological theories, the rising sign shows an individual’s natural reaction to new situations and people. What I now know is that the moon sign is said to indicate the inner you, while the rising sign is said to indicate the outer you and how others perceive you. The rising sign is often considered the mask one wears when meeting others. Then, once you get to know someone on a deeper level, your true inner self (your moon sign) shines.

How do you find your rising sign? To calculate your rising sign(ASC), you will need to input your birth date, birth city, and exact birth time. Now this will be different from your moon sign because you’ll actually have to put in the exact time of your birth, as the signs can differ from minute to minute. 

This is the website I used to look up my rising sign.

Once you find your rising sign, there are many astrological websites that’ll explain what your sign means with a detailed analysis. Honestly, you can get lost if you keep on browsing, but I’ve got you covered! I read about the rising signs for you and picked out flattering pendants to match your sign, just keep reading below!

silver warrior helmet of ancient Hawaiian people pendant

Aries Ascendant - People with an Aries ascendant sign are competitive, independent, and straightforward. This fire sign simply charges forward without any trouble. Found in Hawaiian legends, warriors wearing this traditional helmet symbolized strength along with increasing confidence and leadership. We honor Aries ascendants with the Ikaika Warrior Helmet Pendant.

Sea Turtle Hatchling Pendant

Taurus Ascendant - People with this sign are slow, steady, and cautious individuals. They are often resistant to change and have their fixed ways. The Hatchling Sea Turtle Pendant is the cutest representation of Taurus ascendants being steady individuals breaking out of their comfort zone.

Rose Gold Double Plumeria Pendant

Gemini Ascendant - Those born with a Gemini rising are curious, especially about the people around them. They typically have something bright and witty to say with their mentally active minds. The rose gold double Plumeria Pendant embodies the twin Gemini risings and their dual personalities.

Plumeria Flower and Leaf on a Heart shaped pendant

Cancer Ascendant - Gentle, sweet, and shy best describes a cancer-rising individual. They are rather sensitive to their environment and can get flustered easily. The Garden Road Plumeria Pendant captures the Cancer ascendent's beautiful gentleness and conflicting uneasiness.

Yellow Gold Dolphin in the heart pendant

Leo Ascendant - Leo risings radiate a special energy and have a magnetism for attention. They are also fun, loving, generous, and warm-spirited. The My Heart Belongs to the Sea Dolphin pendant epitomizes Leo risings with their fun and loving energy.

Abalone Surfboard with a two tone yellow gold sea turtle with plumeria flower pendant

Virgo Ascendant - Individuals with a Virgo ascendant give off a reserved and cool vibe, but only because they need time to warm up to things. They have a tendency to worry and overthink things because of their constant strive for perfection. With the cool iridescent colors of the abalone shell, the Honu Surfboard Pendant is the perfect piece to give off that Virgo vibe.

butterfly pendant with blue opal wings and topaz gem body

Libra Ascendant - Charming, persuasive, and easy-going, it’s no wonder why everyone loves libra ascendants. They are excellent mediators in any situation since balance and keeping the peace is always important to them. Opal is also Libra’s birthstone, so this Opal Butterfly Pendant needs no explanation as to why it expresses Libra risings, this piece just speaks for itself!

yellow gold wave designed on a wood medallion

Scorpio Ascendant - People with a Scorpio rising have a lot of presence. They are powerful and determined, which can command respect or fear. Being water signs, the bold Koa wood Power Ocean Medallion Pendant embodies Scorpio risings intensity.

Shiny silver star shape pendant with sea turtle engraving

Sagittarius Ascendant - With a Sagittarius ascendant, it’s filled with adventure and new things to experience. They are fun-spirited and humorous, even when they are feeling low. The Brilliant Star Pendant with Sea Turtle engraved symbolizes the alignment of the stars to your newest and brightest adventures ahead.

two tone bar pendant with bamboo engravings

Capricorn Ascendant - There is a seriousness in Capricorn ascendants. They’re often responsible, structured, and dependable individuals. Sturdy like bamboo that only bends in the wind, the Bamboo Bar Pendant personifies Capricorn rising energy.

a hollow circle shaped pendant with a dangling sea turtle in the center

Aquarius Ascendant - Aquarius ascendants are independent individuals. This fixed sign is open to new ideas but has resistance to change. The Sea turtle Journey of Life Pendant is a reminder for Aquarius risings to break that barrier for change and to allow wondrous transformations to happen in their life.

Blue Opal pendant with blending design of flower and ribbon

Pisces Ascendant - Pisces ascendants come across as peaceful people with open minds and hearts. They’re dreamy and charming in ways. The Opal in the Crossroads Plumeria Pendant is an alluring representation of the Pisces element, water, while the flower represents the peacefulness that Pisces risings have. 

How cool is it to learn about how the study of the movements and relative positions of the sun, moon, stars, and planets is interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world? Comment below with your thoughts!

Edited by Anjelica Gamboa

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