Cubic Zirconia: Eco-gem of the century!

Darling, diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but cubic zirconia is the eco-gem of the century. Let’s talk about saving the earth while staying fabulous! Why would you want to rock a stone that’s causing harm to our beautiful planet when you can wear a sustainable gemstone that’s just as stunning? I’m sorry, but if you’re still buying into the diamond hype, you’re so last season. Time to get with the program and keep the Earth as stylish as you are. So, let’s raise a toast to sustainable jewelry and our gorgeous cubic zirconia, the true eco-gems of the world! Did you know that cubic zirconia is a highly sustainable gemstone, similar to the diamond? Ever since it was created in 1970, jewelers around the world have been obsessed with it! Our eco-gem jewelry is affordable, has flawless clarity, and comes in four main colors: clear, pink, blue, and purple. Check out the Matte Plumeria Pendant which comes in all four options! Because of poor planning and lack of regulation, mining diamonds can cause a lot of harm to both the environment and workers. Mining can displace people from local communities, causing them to move away from their families, and also land-use change can occur in which forests are cut down and animals are displaced due to loss of habitat. Since sourcing diamonds can be tricky, it’s always much safer to stick the trusted eco-gem! Our cubic zirconia eco-gems are lab-created making them virtually flawless. As a business that deeply cares for the environment, we believe that you should be able to look good and feel good about your jewelry as well. This highly versatile gemstone brings practicality to your everyday outfits and will never dull. Shine bright like the sustainably made eco-gem that you are, and browse our collection today!
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